Game Line Paint


GEN-U-LINE 3000 Series Low Sheen Game Line Paints For Synthetic Sports Surfaces


Product Description:

PBWW Inc. is the manufacturer of GEN-U-LINE 3000 Series 2-component polyurethane game line paint used for painting games on synthetic sports floors.  They are satin sheen, flexible, non-yellowing and wear resistant coatings which exhibit excellent adhesion to most sport surfaces.

Intended use:

GEN-U-LINE 3000 Series Line Paints are intended for interior or exterior use as game line marking paints in athletic facilities. They can be used on vinyl, polyurethane or rubber surfaces (providing appropriate surface preparation procedures are respected). 

Standard Colors:

White     3338  Yellow    3342

Black     3339   Green     3343

Blue   3340    Orange   6842

Red    3341

3000 Series

The GEN-U-LINE 3000 Series Game Line Paints are recommended where a low sheen finish is desired.

Game Line Paint Color Chart